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Haley + Ryan

This beautiful couple had a gorgeous fall wedding in October, perfectly capturing the colors of the leaves on the mountains and creating beautiful photo opportunities in the woods and fields. Two Cents Photography & Film from Charlotte, North Carolina, did a wonderful job of finding the sweetest moments Haley and Ryan shared:

They had a beautiful wedding ceremony on the Honeymoon Cottage Stone Patio, surrounded by the orange, red, and yellow leaves on the trees. They chose to be married in front of the hand-laid stone wall of the original 1900s wine cellar, with their guests facing the rustic wood of the cottage and the surrounding forests.

Perhaps our favorite part, though, were Haley's absolutely stunning bridal photos and the photos of the newly married couple taken in the woods just beyond the vineyard. We know these amazing photos will be featured in their home for years to come, reminding them of the natural beauty of the venue and the beauty of their special day, too!

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